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lifelines: uniline 2

Uniline 16mm in black & grey is ideal for use on listed buildings where the system blends in against slate or leaded roofs reducing the visual impact to it's surroundings.

Uniline Orange! Perfect for situations where the high visibility line provides demarcation in addition to restraint. This has proven very popular on aluminium roofs where a stainless cable blends in & can potentially cause a trip hazard close to the roof's edge.

Uniline 16mm is the ideal solution for overhead systems; it is possible to install Uniline 16 for unsupported spans of up to 50m.

ROOFSAFE. (Unique to Uniline)
A revolutionary new solution for zinc roofs, standing seam & trapizoidal sheets, a cost effective solution where cable based systems cannot be used.

Zinc Roofs - Roofsafe clamps neatly to the raised seams avoiding the need for penetrations through the zinc with savings in costly weatherproofing & potential future problems.

Standing seam & Trapzoidal roof sheets - Roofsafe is flush fitting & contemporary in design. Roofsafe blends in perfectly with reduced visual impact on contemporary buildings.

Roofsafe can be suspended from soffits for abseiling purposes, both as a principle device or in conjunction with abseil posts as deviation points

Roofsafe is new to the market & only available from authorised Uniline installers.

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