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lifelines: uniline 1

SYSTEM COMPLIANCE. All horizontal wire based, rail & anchorages manufactured & installed to BS/EN 795. All fall arrest systems are compliant with BS/EN 7883 loads: All loads are calculated using Unilines software System.

On final installation full certification including an O&M Manual is provided, certification of systems is current for 1 year; each system should be serviced & re-certified on or before it's anniversary.

An 8mm stainless steel wire based system. All Uniline components are exhaustively tested & stamped for BS/EN 795. The wire & components mounted on ether Uniline Force Management Anchors, directly to the structure of the building or on fixed posts to concrete sub strata.

The Uni 8 is better suited than the Uniline 16 system to projects where there are multiple small systems required.

Uniline systems are available for use on all roof types.

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UNILINE 16 is a revolutionary parallel fibre line encapsulated in a neoprene & then synthetic yarn.

The line is waterproof & resistant to most chemicals; it will not be damaged by frost or ice splitting the inner core.

It is light & very strong (7.5Tonnes breaking strain) with overhead spans between posts of 50m.

The system has unique soft drop capability that reduces trauma to the user in an arrest situation. Uniline is available in orange, grey & black. For projects exceeding 500 meters 1 off colours are also available (but, these will be more expensive).

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