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handrails: easyguard - specification sheet. 3

12 important features of our free standing handrails: (7 to 9)

7. The system is installed with 250mm of adjustment on each leg to allow the rails to be levelled with the up-stand or parapet.

8. The heavy-duty base plate is designed to be easily removed for access to the roof membrane, for maintenance or repair, without the need to dismantle sections of rail. The major advantage of this is that - the roof remains guarded at all times

9. Leg assemblies are at a maximum of 2m centres.

12 important features of our free standing handrails: (10 to 12)

10. The system can be installed in reverse for unobstructed walkways.

11. The system can be terminated with either counterweights or 2m return ends, where wall fixings cannot be used.

12. Powder coating over galvanising, includes Mordant wash treatment, followed by rinse, then powder coating to ensure that the coating sticks & the system is still corrosion resistant.

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