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handrails: easyguard - specification sheet. 2

12 important features of our free standing handrails: (1 to 3)

1. Easyguard Permanent Free Standing Handrails are fully tested to Health & Safety Specialist Report 15,Sept 1988, handrails, maintenance uses only, BS6399 buildings & loads.

2. They are fully galvanised to BS/EN 1461 1999.

3. All base plates are fitted with bonded ribbed rubber mat with EPDM foam in-fill to reduce heat transference onto roof membranes, which can lead to roof membrane degradation.

12 important features of our free standing handrails: (4 to 6)

4. The flat base plate – reduces the trip hazard & improves point loading onto roofs.

5. All fittings used on systems are composed of heavy-duty malleable cast iron with stainless steel grub screws, for extended life. (also used on fixed handrails)

6. All grub screws in base plates used for adjustment of the posts & other fixings into metalwork are A2 stainless steel.

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